Author: Tom

  • Blog — Effortless Doesn’t Mean Easy

    It’s always nice to see your work out in the wild. The Rise and Rise of AI visualisation from IIB, made with VizSweet — the project I was working on as Tech Director until my recent return to freelancing — appeared in my LinkedIn feed a few days ago and I thought I should do…

  • Fiction — Dog Person

    A story about toxic masculinity and misplaced anger, body modification gone wrong and redemption, of a kind.

  • Fiction — Creative Differences



    A story about artists and AI, and the dark side of creativity.

  • Portfolio — VizSweet

    In 2015 I started working with Information is Beautiful as Technical Director to develop VizSweet, a high-end data visualisation tool — and for the last eight years, we’ve been making something amazing. IIB founder David McCandless is an influential figure in the data-viz scene, marrying a love of data and design with a journalistic approach…